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TAMAH Testimonials

The following are just some of the comments from medical professionals concerning the Vital Vision arterial testing.

The Tamah Systems biological age testing kit combines established medical science especially in the areas of aging and cardiovascular research with robust cloud-based IT systems to produce a service that is hugely beneficial to both the end-user and the analyst.

It is very striking that the service provided by Tamah Systems is much better, more meaningful and represents substantially greater value than the sum of its individual parts! At its core, the system invisibly lays the foundation for picking up and understanding the changes in an individual's cardiovascular and general health and crucially, easily explaining the trends that are so important for meaningful evaluation of the lifestyle and other choices that the end-user subsequently makes.

The system convincingly satisfies the four main characteristics that I believe a high quality evaluation kit must have:

  • Medical-grade testing equipment calibrated to the highest standards.
  • Easy to use equipment as well as web site. The end-user gets a comprehensive report that is very easy to understand, but which is also very meaningful to their GP or Specialist Doctor.
  • Reliable, repeatable and verifiable test results.
  • Highly sophisticated data recording and trending system available 24/7 via robust website and from any part of the world with an internet connection.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the system and putting it through its paces, and unhesitatingly recommend it to analysts keen to positively differentiate themselves in the very competitive health and nutrition products marketing space.

Dr Fatai Badmus

I have been using the Vital Vision Arterial Test device to help my clients for years now and I can not recommend it highly enough. Having the test can help anyone even if they ‘appear’ healthy the results can show either arterial stiffness or high BP and sometimes both when it is entirely unexpected with no symptoms. In other cases you may have someone with symptoms that they are worried about and the test comes out good so their mind has been put at rest which is great therapy in itself.

Everyone is fascinated to find out their biological age and NO ONE wants to be older and will work hard with lifestyle/dietary changes and supplements to regain balance within their body to test out even younger internally than their actual age.

I run The Acadamy of Systematic Kinesiology and many of my students who go on to become practitioners use the Vital Vision Arterial Test and find it an invaluable tool within their practice.  I also use my device with Natures Sunshine supplements as this really helps to build a successful business because you are able to offer people the right organic supplements that can help their health. I work with people over 3 months and dramatic results are usual.

The Vital Vision Arterial Test would complement any modality of health care and once you have one, you would not want to be without it!

Claire Muller
Principle: The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

Just want to share with you a story on how effective “Vital Vision” test really is. This story is replicated daily in my experience by the results I see and how the client testifies to feel.

A male client, aged 51, came to my Clinic who had last visited us in 1994. His sister had just died two weeks previous, aged 61, from sudden Cardiac Arrest. In the intervening years since his last visit, he had experienced a “racing heart” and was diagnosed that his heart was out of rhythm. He was advised he needed ‘electric shock/A,E,D,’ treatment to re-establish rhythm. This was performed on two occasions with only very temporary relief. On the third treatment the effect lasted 5 weeks before symptoms returned ‘worse than ever’ as he described. Subsequently, he was commenced on Warfarin 8mgs, daily, three anti-hypertensive medications and a diuretic tablet. Side-effects he experienced from the medication included Hyperthyroidism, tension headaches and stomach pain. Now he was unsure whether the ‘cure’ or the ‘disease’ were worse.

When I met this man I immediately noted marked facial flushing before hearing his history. I suggested I do the Arterial test to which he agreed. His three readings included Blood Pressure 167/98, 174/90 and 161/96; Pulse rate was 54, 51 and 50 respectively; Arterial Index read at 5,8 and 7. Based on his personal/family history, his medicine cocktail, my findings and the fact that he was due to see his G.P. that afternoon, I suggested he take the Arterial Index print-out to his G.P. and discuss this with him.

I reviewed this gentleman on a monthly basis with phone access in between. On our last review on 29/04/2014 he explained how he has not felt this well in many years. He has had no return of irregular heartbeat, felt much more energised, more relaxed and now weighted 15stone 9lbs. His Arterial test readings were as follows: B.P.138/81, 129/81, 129/83; Pulse readings were 50, 51, 52; Arterial Index was now 4, 3, and 3. Speaks for itself, don’t you think?

So the patient feels well now which matches his readings.

Kathleen Ward.
Health Clinic

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